the last trip of the Mecanic Evgracov


Philippe Buffon and Beatrice Schneider spent more than three weeks on a Russian cargo ship that was transporting enriched uranium to France and England . In the relatively free and candid comments of the crew, who in part, still labor under the heavy influence of the « great USSR », our journalists began to see a microcosme of the Russian Society at large.

We approached the crew on a variety of different subjects relating to the problems of the Russian Society. But, we also disscused with the their day-to-day life - and the disappearance of the Russian fleet.

Fact shipwright: The Baltic Shipping Company, a Russian maritime company in collapse. An example of the difficulty in adapting to the changes brought about by the privatisation of the Russian economy in 1993.

(colossal debt, inept direction, an aging fleet, corruption, scandal-the assassination of a director-embezzlement of funds.)

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